Support Restaurants, Get Social, Win Big!

The African Restaurant Week (ARW) which started in New York City in 2013 supports the best of African/African-inspired cuisine, culture (African, African American, Caribbean) and small business.

Visit any of The Participating Restaurants on our List

Make an Instagram Post/Reel with a picture or Video of Your
Food at The Restaurant

Tag us @Africanrestaurantweek and restaurant (if they have an IG page)

We will DM you a coupon code to get 20% off all this Holiday season and a 30% discount for cyber weekend


OUR MISSION (Includes the below)

  • Boosting the local economy by highlighting various small businesses  (including restaurants, cafes, bars) and celebrating African/Diaspora  cuisine and culture.
  • Fighting hunger by partnering with local kitchens, restaurants and other organizations working to help alleviate this problem.
  • Fostering social good, building communal and cultural ties.
  • African Restaurant Week is a promotion of diverse voices in the global culinary movement – both celebrity and emerging.
  • It is a commitment to community development and social impact, and we’re inviting everyone to be part of it.

Every purchase you make is more than just a transaction—it’s a tribute to our rich African culture and a lifeline for our local businesses.

Welcome to our festival’s shopping cart! SHOP TO MAKE AN IMPACT!